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Healing Explosions!


At the Healing Explosions, we simply teach what God says in His Word about healing.  As the Word goes forth,  faith levels begin to rise, and amazing healings will begin to take place. We have trained ministry staff that the Lord uses in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (see I Cor. 12) .  

Jesus said that those who believe in His name, would lay their hands on the sick, and He promises that the sick WILL RECOVER!

We expect the presence and power of God to drive out all types of sickness, disease, oppression, and depression.  Many will be healed by the power of hearing and believing God's Word!     

"There is an army rising up, to break every chain, to break every chain of sickness and disease!"


...by His stripes you were healed! 
Healing has been paid for!

Schedule for next Healing Explosion:

 October 2017