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Our Ministries




KINGDOM KIDZ – Children’s Ministry

In His Steps Christian Fellowship believes in ministering to the needs of every age group, including our littlest and youngest members.
While parents actively participate in the adult services, they can rest assured that their babies, toddlers and young children are receiving
personal and spiritual care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified volunteers create a positive church experience that introduces
infants and young children to a love for Jesus early in their life. Children Church classes coincide with all of our regular weekend adult services.

Our Mission

       The In His Steps Children’s Ministry will provide a spiritually enriched environment that will:

              ¨ Promote Biblical instruction,
              ¨ Provide opportunities for practical life application of the Word of God, and
              ¨ Minister the love of God to children.

Our Objectives are to Train up Children to:

        KNOW GOD THROUGH:      
              ¨ Imparting the word of God,
              ¨ Emphasis on reading and respecting the Bible as a standard for living,
              ¨ Providing precepts and examples from the word,
              ¨ Teaching the children about God’s ways and his nature.

             ¨ To show the love of God toward one another
             ¨ To be able to recognize the love of God in their lives and in the world
             ¨ To acquire a personal love for God and the things of God, as well as a personal relationship with God.

¨ To be living examples known and read by all men,
            ¨ To provide opportunities for the word to be applied in their lives,
            ¨ To serve God, worship God, and to pray, and
            ¨ To encourage and develop their God-given gifts, talents and callings at a young age.

If you are interested in serving in any area of Children’s Ministry or have questions, please contact, Children’s Ministry Director at kingdomkidz@ihscfc.org



U 2 HIM – Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The youth and young adult ministry is designed to grow and mature young people to go out and
be an effective representative of Christ. We realize that young people face a myriad of challenges in
everyday living from dysfunction in their home life to striving for peer acceptance.  Our goal is
to provide information and ideas to help young people. Help them to make the decision to accept Christ,
live a lifestyle patterned after Him and build a continuous relationship with Jesus so that they
are victorious overcomers in the challenges they face.




           The inital vision of this ministry has been to build wells in third world countries. With your help and the help of those that fellowship with us we 
           can help supply water to a village of people for a few cents a day. Water is a precious resource that we often take for granted, yet there are
           many areas around the world that do not have access to fresh drinking water.  Please pray about making a contribution today to help us build wells. 

                                            "When I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink." Matthew 25:35